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About Us

Since December 5th, 1980, P&J WaterPro Services Ltd. has been delivering safe, clean drinking water to thousands of home owners and businesses


44 years and counting...




We offer courteous and reliable water delivery service at a great price.


Call us today at 250-785-4263 to schedule a delivery!

the Best Water Delivery Companies are reliable

There are other water delivery companies around, but many only have 1 or 2 trucks. What happens if one breaks down or both drivers quit? You may have to wait for water or scramble because you have run out. Some water delivery companies take short cuts and do not get their tanks tested monthly as per government regulations. A reliable source of water is the most important need in a household. Don't put yourself or your family at risk. Ask your provider for proof that their tank has been tested to ensure you are receiving a safe water supply.

For peace of mind about your water, and also about the company that's bringing it to you, consider P&J WaterPro Services. We have a large fleet of trucks that are government tested monthly and have been providing a reliable service to thousands of customers since 1980.  

We Are Your Go-To Company for Water Delivery

If you're looking for a reliable water delivery service, you've come to the right place. At P & J WaterPro Services in Charlie Lake, BC, Canada, we want to be the company you call when you need water delivered to your home or business. 

See why thousands rely on us for their water delivery needs. 

P&J WaterPro FSJ Can Provide the Water You Need

If you are looking for reliable water delivery at an affordable price, please consider P&J WaterPro FSJ for your water delivery needs. We have a large fleet of trucks so you won't ever have to wait very long for a load of water. We care about our customers, and work hard to ensure they're happy with our service. If you have questions about us at P&J WaterPro FSJ, reach out and ask. We're happy to provide you with information on our company and our services, so you can make an informed decision. We want your business, and we'll work hard to make you one of our many satisfied customers. 

Get Water Delivered to Your Home

Ready to get water delivered to your home? We can help! We provide both home and business water delivery at P & J WaterPro Services. We want to be your go-to company for your water delivery needs.


You can also earn air miles (c) when you get water delivered to your home or business. See why thousands rely on us for their water delivery needs. 

Water Delivery
P&J Waterpro FSJ
Get Water Delivered To Your Home
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